Tuesday, June 15, 2010

music: concert, angkor wat, placebo

concerts that are held in historic locations or somwer unusual, here are some that i remember:

yanni live at the Acroplolis in Greece, sometime in the 90s
violinist vanessa mae live on a frozen like in st moritz switzerland, 1997
the Three Tenors' monumental concert in Beijing's Forbidden City, 2001
and in 2005, audioslave became the first american rock band to perform in communist cuba.

and just last year, my favorite Placebo transformed the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat in cambodia into a rocknroll playground.

sacred temple + jungle + rock songs

so who do u want to see performing live in unconventional/historic places? i wish to see...

bjork live in baikonour cosmodrome in kazakstan
deep forest live in borobudor indonesia
sarah brightman in some oasis in the sahara, preferably in libya

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