Monday, June 21, 2010

music: sweet lullaby, deep forest

so many nice songs but very few has a beautiful story that goes beyond the usual subject of romance. this sweet and melancholic song has a very fascinating story. if u can point where solomon islands is on the map, and realize how far this song has traveled to reach you, you'l somhow understand why this is special.

from wiki:

"Sweet Lullaby" is a world music/ethnic electronica song by Deep Forest. The song gained popularity in 1992 and 1993.

The song is based around a traditional Baegu lullaby from the Solomon Islands called "Rorogwela", and uses a vocal sample originally recorded by ethnomusicologist Hugo Zemp in 1970. The lyrics refer to a young orphan being comforted by his older brother despite the loss of their mother and father.

In 2005, the song gained renewed exposure when it was featured in Matt Harding's Where the Hell is Matt? viral video. In 2008, Harding traveled to the Solomons island of Malaita to try to find Afunakwa, the woman who is thought to be the performer of "Rorogwela" on Zemp's recording. According to Harding's follow-up video Where the Hell is Afunakwa?, Afunakwa had died in 1998."

Where the hell is Afunakwa?


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