Thursday, May 27, 2010

politics. art: bangkok unrest, protest, art installation,barricade

the poltical unrest in thailand has finally calmed down at the cost of 82 lives and hundreds wounded.

commerce in bangkoks prime financial district was paralyzed for several weeks as anti-government protesters occupied the area. the protest had its adverse impact on the thai economy.

protesters installed a barricade around their encampment in downtown bangkok. they put up tires and bamboo poles as a fortification for their camp.

the bamboo barricade.
the way i see it.

a defense, an obstacle, an eyesore. but for me, it looks like a massive art installation. isnt it? for further drama, u could interpret the bambo-tire barricade as an expression of the people's frustrations, courage and resilience. i jus find the structure itself as beautiful.

art is deliberate.
but sometimes, wat is deliberate doesnt look like art.
and what is not deliberate does look like art sometimes.

so what is not deliberate is not art? watever, it all depends on how u see things.
i appreciate the barricade beyond its political purpose.

at the end, we all agree that art is subjective.

now. heres an art installation/performance/architecure involving bamboos. See It, Feel It, Touch It, Climb It

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