Wednesday, February 24, 2010

random post 3: fastfood. hairline. breakfast.

i was waiting in line in a fastfood. i got bored.
the manager appeared behind the counter.
i studied his profile. hes not bad looking.
hes probably in his late thirties

and the hairline!

he has a thinning hairline. i could even see his scalp some 3 meters from where i was standing. curiously, i studied his hair...and the scalp too...

then these lines came to mind spontaneously

receding hairline
ebbing tide.
pull me moon,
oh man in the moon!

does it make sense? i dont know.
would u consider it a poem? i dont know.
for a few moments i got so absorbed with my thoughts.


until some perky voice broke my little reverie: "GOOD MORNING SIR, CAN I TAKE UR ORDER!!!!" it hit me. ok. i ordered the usual corned beef and egg meal. i ate my breakfast with much gusto and finsihed it way ahead of Jng and Mrf. i didnt hav menthol cigarettes for dessert. my lungs acting up on me again and my throat still hurts a bit.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Fall 2009

the baguette! say hi to breafast!
good morning!

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