Tuesday, March 2, 2010

song: trance, godspeed, bt, brian transeau, nostalgia

i was a sucker for trance music in highschool. if i can remember, there were only two of us in our batch who dig this kind of music.

a familiar trance anthem suddenly pops into my head. i dont know wat triggered me to remember it. i kept on humming the tune but its title and artist escape me. i tried recalling it until it gets really annoying. you know that feeling wen u cant remember something you wer once so familiar. i tried brushing off the tought but it jus comes back like a persistent tic.

so i sat in front of the computer and did my homework.
after almost an hour of browsing through discogs after discogs, i finally figured out the title and artis! its such a great feeling when your search engine skills is put into personal use. download jud dayun sa mp3. im listening to it over and over again, jus like those good old days with my walkman!

Godspeed by BT.
BT is Brian Transeau.

while listening...... it sudenly dawned on me that WHOA!!! it was like 11 years ago or so, the time i got so crazy with this song. i was 12 or 13 then, now my age is worth more than two decades. i feel old. the older you get, the better u understand the feeling of nostalgia.
nostalgia is bittersweet.
bittersweet is a favorite word.
this song is bittersweet for me,
but its more on the sweet side.

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