Monday, October 5, 2009

typhoon beautiful. Melor. fujiwahra effect

i used to have this phobia of Rain/Storms wen i was kid. it started in first grade wen our catechism teacher told us the story of Noah. since then, i feel like a catastrophic deluge would happen every time it pours hard.

i feel like an imminent danger is coming everytime i see dark clouds looming in the horizon. and wen the gentle drizzle turns into a deafening downpour, my world stops as i put myself in a deep prayer for the heavens to intervene, i would constantly pray for it to stop. it was really scary for me.

the phobia went on until high schoool. some of my classmates then would often ridicule me about it.

if i didnt fear the rain, i wouldnt hav developed this fascination about weather forecast and astronomy. reading weather charts and explaining seasonal wind patterns came like a natural instinct to me. wen theres a coming typhoon, i acted like a know-it-all guy coz i was so well informed compared to my peers who didnt care about ernie baron.

this morning, wen i checked Pagasa's website... (click image for a bigger picture, the image below doesnt fit correctly)

ive never seen a beautifully shaped typhoon before... the international name is Melor.

look at the shape, the roundness is well defined! and the eye! almost perfectly located at the center. beautiful! beautiful!

according to experts, Parma and Melor are interacting with each other in a phenomena called the Fujiwhara effect. this Fujiwhara thing is interesting coz it gives us a different way to look at typhoons. the typhoons in a fujiwara behave in this sequence: attraction, dominance between the stronger and the weaker, and lastly, there is the possibility of a union! o diva!!! thyphoons can be like lovers too. Parma is the demure girl and Melor is the aggresive guy courting her. if melor is successful in courting parma, then they would merge into one big dangerous storm - destruction is their way of expressing their unity!

be safe! donate to flood victims.

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