Thursday, September 10, 2009

video: heads will roll - yeah yeah yeahs

i dont really like watching anything gory. before, i thot only tarantino and takashi miike can execute blood and violence in a cool way.

Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeahs Yeahs <--video not until this... i was totally captivated as the video turns into a massacre extravaganza towards the end, i think its the most artistic and beautiful way to shed blood! in the video, the werewolf dancer ran amok inside a theater killing all living things he could find, i dont know why.... so ...killing spree galore while Karen O was singing. as the attacker continues his rage, red confettis gush out of the victims body like an angry geyser of blood, intestines gutted, and bodies were dismembered. the whole scene becomes a beautiful mess of red. and the signature scene of the video would be the part wen karen's dismembered body was on the floor, mircalously alive and still singing - she looks like a sexy caucasian manananggal, so creepy but chica! brian on the left. hes hawt! i got a crush on him.

a tribute to michael jackson?

their other video "Y Control" directed by spike jonze is also a must watch - its the most violently cute video ever! imagine kids chopping off other kids arm. its so disturbing, its the kind of video that would give "Anak TV Awards" a heart attack.

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