Monday, September 7, 2009

boto mo ipatrol mo

dont u think its soo ironic and hypocritical for abs-cbn to hav this "boto mo iPatrol" campaign but at the same time, this media conglomerate allows advertisements from political personalities to hav airtime on their channel weeks before the official campaign period starts? isnt it premature?

"boto mo Ipatrol mo" encourages civil vigilance for the upcoming elections. it is laudable for abs to invest on a matter that would help our contry achive a fair and clean elections.

but what about those politcal ads from people who are so vocal about their intentions to seek higher office? why do we often see those corny roxas-villar-binay commercials on their channel?

as far as i know, our election laws are not perfect, hence these politcal ads would qualify as legal. ok lets say its legal, but everybody thinks its not fair at all. besides, we question the funding behind these multi million peso ads. boto mo ipatrol doesnt tolerate mere politcal posters as a form of premature campaigning, but i wonder why they are mum about those tv ads that is shown nationwide. jus imagine the millions of pesos these ads could rack up for this company. who doesnt want profit anyway?

i really think its a backlash to abs cbn's credibility and social commitment.

hes out of the race daw? i dont like korina but i feel sayang for her. if she becomes our first lady, then the tsinelas makers would be happy - wala nang batang nakapaa sa pilipinas.

shuld we amend our laws?

and dont u think its soo ironic and hypocrtical of me to rant about election related matter, wen in fact im not a registered voter?!!!....... and i dont hav any plans to register. hahahah! ano vahh!


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