Wednesday, October 14, 2009

decor. yoroi armor. the warrior in me

something masculine and intricately beautiful at the same time, that is wat i want to hav for my own future living room.

like this armor suit for samurais, they call it a "yoroi".

this website sells wearable custom made samurai suits: Samurai Store. the one above is my favorite among the items on sale. they got skilled artisans in japan who makes one when you place an order.

it seems impossible to own an antique yoroi, so to have an almost authentic replica with no plastic materials used would be the best option (if you have the money, its really expensive).

i wont be wearing it as costumes, i jus want it for display. i want to achieve contrasts in my living space by placing pieces that are contrary to my personality. an armour symbolizes strength and courage, its presence in my room could tone down the effiminate in me. nge! but really, i jus love looking at it. such beautiful thing associated with battles and bloodshed, that makes it more interesting.

wen i check the prices, dayum!!! its sooo expensive. i wonder wen i can afford to own one.

east meets west concept is kinda cliche in the design world. but i dont want my yoroi to feel lonely so i would get him companions like his western counterpart:

on sale in this website:Medieval Ware eyeloveit! a knight in shining armor. it reminds me of don quixote sans the donkey and the windmills.

and probably i would add some lifesize replicas of a terracotta warrior, because the more the merrier. sushal na akong sala, mura na og museum.

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