Tuesday, June 26, 2012

music: the music i grew up with, trance, lifedance, chicane

to say that i had so much fun at Lifedance 2012 is an understatement. being a fan of chicane since highschool, it was a dream come true for me to finaly see him live after soo many missed oppurtunitites. i spazzed out when he played "hiding all the stars" and danced his entire set like its 1999.
i listened to a lot of trance/electronica in my teens back in early 2000s, a time when everybody was digging the usual mtv popstars while i talk alot about the latest from paul van dyk and ATB etc.. i always like it when people viewed me in an esoteric way because of this unusual preference in music. it was a bit weird though being a trance fanatic growing up in a semi rural place with no clubs, rave parties, drugs watsoever hehe. i remember wanting to go to that epic first chicane gig in manila but of course my parents didnt allow me coz i was too young back then.

and a dj played a remix of this classic trance anthem at lifedance! yay!! memories rushing back of those pretend rave parties in my room where i danced to this track and imagine im somwer in the mediterrenean coast. silly! and i also rememebr my good frend S whom i shared the same dream of experiencing berlin's love parade and going to ibiza someday. S is now in canada and sadly, love parade is now defunct. maybe ibiza in ten or 5 years or are we too old for that? hehe and to V, i always ask her to sing the intro vocals of walhalla by goureylla. they dont make those kind of trance anymore.

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