Friday, January 27, 2012

design: lamp, cloud, wout wessemius, kenneth cobonpue, dominic wilcox, studio italia design

i recently saw this cloud lamp by wout wessemius while browsing the net and i thought uhmm no! not this kind of cloud design again. so i decided to compile these almost similar designs and you decide which one you like.

Le Nuage by Wout Wessemius. this reminds me of fats.

Cloud Suspension Lamp by Kenneth Cobonpue for Hive.
this is orignally designed by hae young yoon right?

i think i hav actualy seen this in a coffee shop somwere uptown. the ones i saw look grimy as if dusts clung to its surface, so from a far it looks like a suspended rock and i cant place the whole lightness and flufiness of a cloud. but i still like it!

Nimbus by Dominic Wilcox. its going to rain...

Nuvola by Studio Italia Design.


  1. Yes, the Cloud Hanging Lamp is originally designed by Hae Young Yoon for Hive. Kenneth Cobonpue is the creative director for Hive.