Wednesday, August 17, 2011

travel, film: india, the darjeeling limited

sad to say that india is often associated with oppressive poverty, but u see none of this in the movie 'the darjeeling limited'. it depicts the india that i want to see: colorful, spritual, beautiful.

the culture buff in me wants to visit this country someday. its a must! i want to explore the entire country from the southern state of kerala, all the way north in the foothills of the himalayas.. to Ladakh in the west and going east to the state of Assam. ive always wanted to see those ancient temples and palaces adorned with intricate embellishments. i'l stay in a real palace turned hotel in rajasthan, or if get lucky, maybe i'll be granted an audience with the Maharajah of jaipur. and crazy as it may sound, my india experience wont be complete without riding on the insanely crowded trains of mumbai during rush hour! yeah! but of all the things to do in india, on top of my list is a visit the holy city of Varanasi. i want to witness thousands of hindu pilgrims doing their rituals along the banks of Mother Ganges.. wat else, uhm maybe learn the basics of sitar.. and of course, watch a bharatanatyam dance!

someday someday, i'll hav my passage to india!

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