Thursday, July 28, 2011

music: baleleng, southern

Baleleng. im familiar with this song coz an unmarried drunkard who lives near our house would often sing this everytime he is intoxicated. oh the way he slur the words! his voice echoes so heartfelt while indifferent that he is actually murdering the song. i wanted to shut him up but makatawa nalang ko..

"Sitangkai ba Leleng pa Sibutu"

ayyyy! how romantic lang!
i love the geographical references of the southern seas! for those unfamiliar, sitangkai and sibuto are adjacent islands in the sulu archipelago. i know someone who is named Baleleng. strictly speaking, her parents got it wrong in choosing the name coz the song actually refers to a girl named "Leleng" and not "Baleleng". the word "ba" in tausug means..uhmmm i forgot! hehhe!

who brought this Tausug song to the rest of mindanao and the visayas? maybe the nomadic badjaos who are scattered almost everywher?

i wouldnt mind if a lover would sing this to me. the melody is so sweet and soothing like gentle waves reaching the shores in a windless night. makes u want to fall in love.

look wat i found on youtube!

mahal ko na this foreigner guy! i'l give him 10/10 for effort! hhehe!

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