Thursday, April 29, 2010

science: physics, futurist, stephen hawking

da vinci's sketch of wat appears to be a helicopter

i love physics but not the neverending math that comes with it. i flunked one of my physics class during college.

time machines, parallel universe, CERN and stephen hawking. these are the only things i love about physics. i long for the time when scientist could prove that a parallel universe really exist and that someday man can travel through time. its hard to comprehend how it would happen but scientific theories gives us hope that it could possibly be true.

centuries ago, great thinkers like galileo, newton and da vinci presented very advanced ideas that defied the conventional thinking dictated by their society. they were so ahead of their time that some people laughed at their discoveries.

its hard for people then to fathom a world that is round. they cant imagine man reaching the moon. they thought only birds and insects can fly... centuries later we got airplanes, space missions, telephones...

todays scientist and visionaries would talk about mind boggling things like time travel, teleport, space hotels, mind reading... sometimes we think they are crazy. we think its impossible. i believe the time will come when the future generations would experience things we still think as science fiction.
physicist stephen hawking is jus an inspiration for me. he doesnt let his disabilty deter him in finding answers to big questions about our universe. pure genius. theres nothing really artistic about the photo above but it never fails to make me feel emotional everytime i look at it. look at his eyes, you see dreams coming to life. long live stephen hawking!

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