Wednesday, July 8, 2009


ive been keeping a blog for many years now but i never shared it to my general friends. im a very secretive person with a secret blog, and i dont want my secrets to leak out. besides, i dont think people would be interested to know about the mundane stuffs i wrote there - some lousy posts ranting about the weather, traffic jams and bad food etc... and with those sensitive secrets that could sure elicit some negative comments? well, they are better off undiscovered by the public.

nevermind my poor grammar skills, i still confuse verb tenses and those syntaxes i learned in school. so i hope grammar nazis would be kinder to me. heheh! i really had some bad experiences with englisheras back in school, and its making me feel so insecure about it.

im not confident everytime i write something. i always have this doubt wether im making my message across. its a challenge for me, i really want to hone my writing skills without sounding like im a writer wannabe - coz im not.

before, i blogged like an emo kid who vented out his inner frustrations like a corny simple plan song. it was like me against the world. i want to change that. i want a space that can proliferate anything wonderfulness and laysho.

so this blog is born.
this is my new diversion.

actually, the doctor said i should avoid using the computer after work. that i should engage in activitites that would keep my mind busy and my body active. sports for physical activities? join clubs for social interactions? NGE! wa koy time ana doc. hehehe! im ok. i will be ok. im ok promise!

i never question my taste level! hahaha!

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