Friday, July 22, 2011

books, south east asian novels

i consider myself 'asian centric' wen it comes to my choice of books. i dont know why im not so keen on reading stories that didnt happen in asia.

my growing collection of books set in south east asia.
the tesseract - alex garland (philippines)
the beach - alex garland (thailand)
bangkok tattoo - john burdett (thailand)
map of the invisible world - tash aw (indonesia)
the harmony silk factory - tash aw (malaysia)
the gift of rain - tan twan eng (malaysia) currently reading
incident at badamya - dorothy gilman (burma-myanmar)
saving fish from drowning - amy tan (myanmar)

its hard to find my type of books in local bookstores. either i buy them on ebay or find it by luck in secondhand bookshops. so if u find an asian novel at booksale, pls text me i might buy it, specially vietnamese as long as its not some vietnam war memoir.

to buy:

brownout on breadfruit boulevard by timothy mo (philippines!)
renegade or Halo 2 by timothy mo (philippienes, main character from cebu)
the Sonchai Jitpleecheep Series by john burdett (thailand, nepal)
the temple of dawn by yukio mishima (thailand) the third novel in the Sea of Fertility tetralogy. i have read the first two.
No Surrender - My Thirty-Year War by lt. onoda hiroo (philippines) THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!!! but its so expensive on ebay!

i havnt read oriental themed classics by joseph conrad and somerset maugham.

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