Friday, June 24, 2011

music video: tim berg, skunk anansie, modjo, gay

same wavelength #2

three music videos with the same formula: three runaway youths, two men and one girl. something happens... which one do u like better?

i was this kid with a mind you can still call pure wen i first saw this music video on mtv. it shows a man kissing both man and a woman at the same time. my initial reaction was: 'haa pasabta ko...' i was probaly 11 yrs old during that time. it got me thrilled and curious, it was like an epiphany! so there, it was my first introduction to bisexuality.

nothing dramatic and gloomy compared to Secretly, jus a wild and carefree roadtrip to vegas! if not for the title, the gay angle is quite debatable since the two guys didnt even kiss.

same subjects but nothing sexual in the video.

my choice? me i like modjo the best! so many good memories with this song.

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