Sunday, June 5, 2011

design: folded chair, philipp aduatz, ideas

dont u jus hate it when you have this idea in your head that u think is original and unique, only to find out that it has already been taken. though not exactly the same but strikingly similar, sometimes even executed way better than the one in your head. if u stil insist in pursuing this idea, people wil accuse u of being a copycat - worse u could be sued for plagiarism. i think its a matter of who did it first. a design idea is jus a mere idea unless u transform it into something that is tangible.

i ve thought about this design concept #2:

Folded Chair, 2010
Linen, polyester resin, PU foam, laquer
by Philipp Aduatz

there are jus too many talented people in the world. maka insecure. im stil light years away from my dreams.. stil waiting.

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