Saturday, April 9, 2011

random. saturday night

here in this quiet town.
its pas midnight
jus came from riding my bicycle
i went near the sea, on an empty four lane road
you can pedal to your hearts content
but i like it slow, while listening to a Moby song
so they cut the mahogany trees near the warehouse
leaves and branches scattered on the ground
the smell stirs childhood memories
then i realizd the brakes not working
i stopped by the sea
waves gently lapping
gazing at the glowing city beyond
im here. they are there. somwer there.
maybe sleeping, maybe partying.
strong gust of wind. chill.
it didnt feel like its april at all
drew out a cigartte from my pocket
struggled with my cricket lighter
its so quiet.
i retraced my way
singing New Order's Lonesome Tonight
i feel sorry for the trees
i will tell E to fix my japan made bicycle
tomrow i'll cross the sea
to the glowing city, a full week ahead.
Thank God! finally heard that good news

"Oh sana Kay higpit ng kapit sa unan kagabi ko ♫""

tonight's lullaby. gud nyt na..

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