Wednesday, December 1, 2010

random: dvds, dvd hunting

i used to go to some downtown alleys where shops selling bootleg stuff are to be found. i miss scouring entire stacks of dvds hoping to find rare copies like a michaelangelo antionini or an akira kurosawa at dirt cheap prices.

art films are hard to find, even legitimate video stores carry a very limited titles for such films. illegal it may be but pirated dvds hav somehow serve the demand of a few people like me. it doesnt only cater the mainstream. it actually has its own niche market so to say.

oh the thrill of dvd hunting!

now we have torrent and hi speed internet.

my monthly objective: finish a book and watch at least five films. i'll be posting the films i have seen recently. i am still halfway of the book Soul Mountain by gao xinjiang - winner of the Nobel prize in literature.

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