Wednesday, July 21, 2010

architecture: amparo suites, koronadal

this very modern hotel building is going to be built in koronadal, a second class city in south cotabato, mindanao.

major cities like davao and cebu dont have an iconic structure that could match its design. i dont even know a building in cosmopolitan manila with a spriral design.

with so many ugly and tacky buildings sprouting in our cities, this one is jus so impressive, sometimes too good to be true for a small city.. is this for reallz?! it must be very bold for its investors to put money into this. i cant help but feel skeptical wether this project is really feasible for koronadal. is the market there ready for this? i dont know. i hope this wil be realized coz its going to be a major landmark in the making.

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